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The palace is located in via Belenzani 19, in the historic city centre, a restricted traffic area that can be
accessed with a disabled tag and after communication to the local police. On the street, about 120 metres from the palace, there are
four parking lots reserved for people with disabilities; however, it is possible to park for free along the whole street.
After the
entrance door (always open), we find two internal courtyards paved with pebbles and slightly
irregular stones; in the first, there is access to the
elevator that serves all the floors of the palace, in the
second, a large porphyry reproduction of the main architectural attractions of the city.

On the first floor, there is a long corridor with variable slopes (from 9.3% to 13%). All the rooms (Caminetto,
Falconetto, Giunta, Quadro and Rappresentanza) can be visited. In the second courtyard, we find the
Exhibition Hall whose access is with 5 steps each 17 cm high.
Equipped toilets are located both on the ground floor and on the first floor.


entrance door measures 229 cm, the part that is always open is 81 cm wide.
elevator has an 89 – cm – wide door, dimensions of 150×137 cm and Braille push-button panels (the
external one is 115 cm high and the internal one from 115 to 125 cm); it is preceded by automatic glass
doors that are 157 cm wide.
equipped toilets on the ground floor have a door that is 89 cm wide, dimensions of 180×180 cm; the
toilet is 48 cm high and has support handles on both sides.
equipped toilets on the first floor have an 89 – cm – wide door, dimensions of 237×133 cm; the toilet is
50 cm high and has support handles on both sides


Equipped toilets on the ground floor
Equipped toilets on the first floor

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